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Tech ME Announces Partnership With Bertatech and Scoutan

Tech ME has signed a partnership with Bertatech and Scoutan. The agreement terms allow

Tech ME to offer beneficiaries of its digital skills and career development programs

employment opportunities at Bertatech and through the Scoutan recruitment platform.

“Our partnership with Beratech Solutions and Scountan will expand our ability to financially

empower the amazing young people benefitting from our training programs by providing

them with job placements. As we continue to scale and increase our footprint, we know

teaming with organizations like Bertatech Solutions and Scountan will help us make a bigger

impact on the people and communities we serve.” said Jerry Odili, CEO of Tech ME.

About Scoutan

Scoutan Nigeria is a job platform that connects entry-level job seekers with companies

without the rigour of going through interview.

About Bertatech

Bertatech provides innovative marketing, technology offering customer acquisition and

management solution for clients in various fields ranging from food, hospitality, education,

manufacturing and retail.


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