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Smart Girls

The Smart Girls is aimed at improving participation of adolescent girls in STEM, particularly computer science. We have an after school and summer program where participants are taught coding in a fun and easy to learn curriculum.

With this program, we hope to close the gender gap in technology.

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Women ICTpreneurs Nigeria (WIN) is a program designed to empower women with ICT skills to start personal businesses and income-generating activities. Target beneficiaries will be trained on ICT entrepreneurship, specifically on website building, web development and repair of ICT devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets). Selected participants will be given full entrepreneurship training which will include; how to write a business plan, pitch an idea and financial management.

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Children Learning ICT Campaign (CLIC) is a program designed to introduce disadvantaged and underserved children to the world of ICT as well as develop their capacity to use modern technology. As part of the program, Tech ME builds computer labs in low-income schools and give computer skills training to students as well as teachers. 

CLIC will provide an opportunity for disadvantaged children to design, tinker, invent, be creative and learn.


Accelerating Entrepreneurship through Information Technology (ACE IT) is aimed at improving the capacity of micro and small-scale enterprises, low budget entrepreneurs, small-scale artisans, and craftsmen/women; from the owner of a small fashion shop to a roadside bricklayer. BETIS will train participants on how to utilize technology, internet, and social media to build a brand, as well as increase their productivity and business growth.

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